Sunday, September 4, 2011

Taste The Rainbow!! Rainbow Cake

In my search to learn all there is about cake decorating... I have stumbled across the Rainbow Cake!!  So pretty with all the colors.  I have also discovered Maggie Austin and her amazing frilly design work.  So I combined the two and came up with my version of the Rainbow Cake!!  Enjoy!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Reel Director's Cake

So I am blessed to have such a talented family.  One of whom is my brother in law Salim Akil who just happened to direct the movie Jumping The Broom!  To celebrate opening night of the movie, my sister ordered her hubby a wonderful Director's Reel Cake!  Super fun and exciting to make!

Used edible images of the man himself in Directorial action!

Made the Director's Chair out of Modeling chocolate and Fondant.  Dried for several days and glued together with royal icing!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flower Pot and Garden Bug Cupcake Cake!!

Okay, so the cupcake has been the "it" dessert for a few years now... but the cupcake cake is starting a trend!  The ease of a cupcake served at a party with the flare of a cake is what's happening!  I got to make the cupcakes for the adorable Phoebe who turned the big 1!!!!  Her mom wanted to go with the butterfly theme and I took it to a whole level with all kinds of garden bugs!!  Too cute!

How adorable is this cupcake cake!!  I got to use a few different piping tips to create different textures!  Lots of fondant Garden Bugs to adorn the cupcakes!

Adorable little ladybugs perched in the center of each flower!

This one is sunbathing!!  

Hand painted Butterflies!! Oh and garden worm!

Hand painted Dragonflies and cute little Bumble Bees!

Made individual Flower and Grass Cupcakes for the extra guests!

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Yellow Cream Cheese Frosting!

My favorite... a little bee sitting on a bee hive!

Sleepover Birthday Cake

Loved sleepovers as a kid!  How much fun to now capture the moment thru cake!!  Too much fun with this cake!  Even used some rice krispy treats for some of the furniture!

So much fun making the little pizza and popcorn!!  And the hardwood floors add just the right touch to this cake!  

Elegant Simplicity Cakes!

It has been a while since my last post... have to admit there is way too many social media's to keep up with!!  So I decided to take this Sunday evening to update my blog with all the caking I have been doing since my last blog!

For the simpler side of life I have come up with my Elegant Simplicity Line of cakes for those who just want a great tasting and fabulous looking cake with simple buttercream design, with the occasional embellishments!

Saw this design work at I am Baker's blog!  LOVE IT!!  So easy and an instant crowd pleaser!

Not sure who started this Ruffle Cake but I heart this one as well!!  Another instant stunner!

A simply beautiful swirl design with an added gumpaste Ibanez Guitar!

Love this look!!  Used the rose tip to make the Ruffles all the way around the cake!  

My new favorite (time consuming) but gorgeous Pearl Cake!  Saw a similar cake made with fondant pearls over at Sweetalopita's blogspot!  I heart her!

A view of the top of The Pearl Cake!

I call this the Open White Rose Cake!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Twin Baby Boy Elephant Baby Shower!

Got my first Baby Shower Cake order and was too excited (over excited) that I did extra just so I can put together my first Desert Table!  It was fun to pull all the different deserts, color coordinated and displayed.  I even made my first paper decorative party banner and custom cupcake picks!

The Twin Baby Boy Elephants!!

Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream with custom made Twin Elephant Decorative Picks!

My first attempt at decorating Sugar Cookies!  Oh, and the I even made chocolate covered pretzels in the jar!!

Fondant Twin Baby Elephants!  So Cute!

Had extra Cake pops in the freezer... so I decided, what the heck... I will coat those too!!

I can't wait for my next baby shower event!... Or any event for that matter... I am having too much fun decorating, baking and displaying!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dress Form Quincenera Cake

In my journey and discovery of this new found passion and talent for cake baking and decorating... I stumbled across Pink Cake Box!!  Perhaps a few of you know the talented Anne Heap!!  Well she and her team of talent happen to make amazing cakes, but the one I fell in love with and HAD to make my own version of, is her Dress Form Cakes!  AMAZING!!  Other than her beautiful cake photos there are NO real tutorials on how to make a dress form cake!  So I ventured out and used the ole noggin and came up with my own version.  Want to see it???  Here it goes!!

The completed Dress Form Cake!

I went to Michael's and found an oval shaped wooden plaque small enough to work as the base of the dress form and to serve as a strong support to hold the cake layers and fillings.  I then picked up a square thin plywood for the base of the stand and glued that on top of 1" thick form core board.  I found a sliver candle stick holder and thought it was perfect to complete the look of the dress form stand.  I glued the candle stick to the plywood and the bottom of the oval shaped plaque.  I then drilled a small hole into the the middle of the oval plaque and glued a 12" wooden dowel into the drilled hole to create a middle support for the cake layers.  I let everything sit overnight for the glue to set firm and strong.

Dress Form Cake Stand with cut cake board ready to receive the first cake layer.

First cake layer (Chocolate Cake) With a dam of White Vanilla Buttercream to hold in Chocolate filling.

With the idea of cutting the cake in mind, I added a cake board in between cake flavors.  Next flavor, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Filling

Three Layered Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Filling!

Finished with German Chocolate with Chocolate Filling!  I carved both the Red Velvet and German Chocolate Cake layers to form a waist and breast!  I then covered the whole cake in White Vanilla Buttercream.

I used Rice Krispy Treats to mold the top part of the breast, shoulders and neck!

The entire Dress Form Cake covered in White Vanilla Buttercream!

Covered the top portion in Flesh Tone Colored Fondant!

Used long wooden sticks to rest the 50/50 Gumpaste and Fondant ruffles.  I layered the ruffles starting at the bottom to cover the wooden base.

I finished this cake with a Hot Pink Fondant Sash of rolled Roses (glued on with Royal icing and held in place with a ribbon tied around the cake until dried) and Bow for the back!

And there you have it!!  Sift By Kara's First Dress Form Cake!  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Louboutin Red Bottom Shoe and Shoe Box Cake

I was asked by my cousin Heather if would make her a shoe cake for her 27th birthday... I had never made one.. so I was up for the challenge.  After 4 tries with building the shoe out of gumpaste... I finally figured it out!  This is by far my favorite cake so far!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Magic School Bus

I was asked by my 17 year old cousin to make a Magic School Bus cake... he wanted to challenge me, so he thought!!

This one was fun.  Seeing as I had never heard about The Magic School Bus, I turned to the internet and  found out all about it.

The cake of choice, white cake with banana filling!!

Sculpted and crumb coated... ready for decorations!

Fondant and gumpaste details!

Seeing as I never thought I was much of an artist.... I think I did pretty good on these freehand painted people!!

The Finish product!

Other side!

The Back side... Happy Birthday Malcolm!