Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Magic School Bus

I was asked by my 17 year old cousin to make a Magic School Bus cake... he wanted to challenge me, so he thought!!

This one was fun.  Seeing as I had never heard about The Magic School Bus, I turned to the internet and  found out all about it.

The cake of choice, white cake with banana filling!!

Sculpted and crumb coated... ready for decorations!

Fondant and gumpaste details!

Seeing as I never thought I was much of an artist.... I think I did pretty good on these freehand painted people!!

The Finish product!

Other side!

The Back side... Happy Birthday Malcolm!


  1. Thanks again Ava! This one was fun to make!

  2. Looks awesome! How did you make the wings and attach? Thanks!

  3. Oh would love to make this for my toddler who has watched every episode seems like a dozen times. Would love suggestions on how you got the wings to attach. Any tips and tricks greatly appreciated.